Characteristics and pattern of toy industry


The category of toys is very wide, according to the material can be divided into plastic toys, metal toys, wooden toys, according to the power performance can also be divided into electric toys, non-electric toys. Toys according to the object of children's toys, adult toys and toys for the elderly, people's life is spent in the company of toys, toy industry is always a sunrise industry.
Toy industry has formed a complete industrial chain, the global market positioning is clear. The toy industry in Europe, the United States, Japan and other developed countries is mature, and toy enterprises rely on the mature business model of "brand + channel" to occupy the high value-added links of the toy industry chain, which is a labor-intensive industry. The world's top five toy brands are all from developed countries: Mattel and Hasbro of the US, Tome and Bandai of Japan and Lego of Denmark. These toy giants with their long-term development of the formation of a large scale, well-known brands, strong research and development capabilities, novel ideas, global penetration of promotion means and stable sales channels, located in the forefront of the global toy market, leading the global high-end toy market.