The development of wooden toys


Wooden toys in ancient times are single wooden toys, modern wooden toys are different degrees of practical contact and processing of different materials, to achieve the diversification of toy functions, multi-functional.
Wooden toys in the toy category of a major category, a long history, wooden toys in Europe and the United States of developed countries in each stage of the historical development of Europe and the United States has a unique cultural ideology, in the history of their respective countries, Germany's wooden toys are the earliest and most famous. In ancient Germany, there was the appearance of belt lathes. Wooden toys were processed by belt lathes and then polished by hand. The size of these wooden toys ranged from very small several feet to very large toys, and the most representative work of this kind of toys was the wooden ark.
In Philadelphia, there was a man named Alber, a German, who immigrated to the United States in 1872. He began to make wooden horse toys for the circus. The wooden horse he made was flexible and lifelike, which was adopted by many local circuses. Later, the circus installed four wheels on the horse, which became the prototype of the ancient horse-drawn carriage.
Because of the inspiration of the wooden horse, in the future wooden toy manufacturing, wooden trains, wooden cars, wooden ships, wooden tractors and so on have appeared, up to now, wooden planes have become the children's favorite toys, from this can be seen, wooden toys have a long history and cultural connotation, has given the atmosphere of The Times.
Stilts and gyro are also very popular among children in other wooden toys. Stilts are very simple wooden toys, which can teach and entertain. Gyro is the simplest wooden toy with practical production technology, but it is used most among children. Wooden toys have played an important role in people's intellectual development.
In our country, wooden toys have a longer history, in the famous Huarong Road in ancient times, always play when I was a child, understand the role of each character, skill and mutual fighting is very important, then, wooden toy building blocks are produced, in the process of building blocks, understand the principle of construction, if built well, will not fall down, unscientific building is to fall down, This may be the development of a lot of architectural designers, so that toys are the intellectual teacher of human enlightenment, playing well children will be obviously outstanding intelligence, which also gives the glorious responsibility of toy manufacturing enterprises.
Wooden toys are generally divided into natural, abstract and artistic forms. The natural form shows the essence of the toy, giving people the comfort of the mind, the abstract form shows the intellectual factor of the toy, giving people infinite reverie. The form of art shows the appreciation factor of the toy, giving people the feeling of beauty. When a person is in a depressed mood, if he is appreciating a big and stupid toy, then he will be more miserable, at this time, he is appreciating a bright color, elegant appearance, looks happy toy, mood will be very different.
Wooden toys are not only intellectual development has a unique charm, but also in other aspects have very good characteristics, practical safety is the first, because wooden toys are processed with wood, non-toxic and tasteless, very helpful to children's physical and mental health, there is no break, wear resistance, resistance to fall and other advantages, this is also the foreign keen to buy Chinese wooden toys.