Wooden toy maintenance tips


With the improvement of living standards, parents are concerned about the growth of the baby, the development of children's early education toys, the maintenance of toys has become a matter of concern. But many parents do not know how to maintain the toys, resulting in the damage of the toys or shortened use life. Below, Ms. Understand shares the daily maintenance methods of wooden toys with her life experience to parents.
1. Keep wooden toys dry and place them in a dry environment.
2. Prevent the sun from shining for a long time, and keep the inside and outside of the wooden toys dry.
3. Clean wooden toys regularly, at least once a month.
4. Use special wooden toy cleaner to wipe and disinfect, then spray the surface of wooden toys with water and wipe with a soft and clean cloth.
5. Place the toys separately on a clean surface to dry and turn them over.

Different wooden toys maintenance methods because of the material, process, performance, use and so on May be different, the above mentioned is only a general maintenance method, if there are special cases, must be special treatment!